Raleigh-Durham Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST)

Revolutionary socialist youth in the US South

Fight with FIST!

Posted by raleighfist on January 5, 2007


This is the new home of Raleigh FIST! Yay, finally!

The purpose of this site…well there are a lot of purposes, actually. We felt that we really needed a online presence as Raleigh FIST, so that people would have a chance to learn about us as an organization and see some of the very important work we have done over the past two and a half years. Because the Internet has become such an indispensible tool for political education and networking, websites and blogs are a powerful way to connect people to an organization.

Already I’ve posted a few articles written by Raleigh FIST members about important struggles that we’ve been involved with in the local Triangle community. These struggles run the gamut from labor solidarity to counter-recruitment to on-campus organizing. In all the work that we’ve done, we have articulated a commitment to working-class unity and anti-imperalist political consciousness. But don’t take it from me—read for yourself.


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