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Protest to demand Free Sami Al-Arian, Take Action Now!

Posted by raleighfist on March 18, 2008

MAS Freedom-NC, Raleigh FIST and Raleigh Muslim Community Protest Continued Abuse of Dr. Al-Arian

MAS Freedom-NC and concerned Muslim community members protest in front of Raleigh Federal Building, March 15, 2008.


Time is of the Essence – Join MAS Freedom’s Judiciary Committee Letter Writing Campaign Today!

WASHINGTON, D.C. (MASNET) March 17, 2008 – On Saturday, the 12th day of Dr. Sami Al-Arian’s Hunger Strike in protest of the U.S. Government’s continued abuse of power in refusing to release him, MAS Freedom-NC (MASF-NC), as a chapter of MAS Freedom-National (MASF), the civic and human rights advocacy entity of the Muslim American Society (MAS), together with concerned Muslim community members, gathered in front of Raleigh’s downtown Federal building in a call for accountability.

In addition to refusing to abide by its prior promise to release Dr. Al-Arian on April 7, 2008, administrators at the Butner, North Carolina federal medical facility, where he was transferred on Monday, March 3, had yet to provide him with essential IV treatment that could preempt the looming threat of renal failure and otherwise sustain his life.

MAS-Freedom’s demonstration, weaving its way from the Federal Building to the Legislative Building, happened to also coincide with a Raleigh community parade in commemoration of Saint Patrick’s Day. In an amazing display of diversity and support, parade spectators recognized the passing protester’s, chanting “one, two, three, four – occupation no more”, with a round of applause echoing their solidarity in the call for justice – a call that, as demonstrated on Saturday, clearly knows no bounds.

As Dr. Al-Arian’s condition continues to deteriorate, having now lost in excess of 25 pounds, time is most certainly of the essence.

“We urge the Muslim community, and all people of conscience across the globe, to join in MAS Freedom’s Judiciary Committee Letter Writing Campaign,” stated MAS Freedom-NC Director, Khalilah Sabra.

“It is of the utmost urgency that we get as many letters as possible pouring into the offices of Senators Conyers and Leahy requesting that every effort is made to insure that health protocols are followed in the treatment of Dr. Al-Arian,” stated Al-Arian’s former appellate attorney, Professor Peter Erlinder.

MAS Freedom, and its chapters across the nation, remain committed to the plight of a man that has suffered too long under the U.S. ‘justice’ system, and whose only wish is to be free and in a place he can call ‘home’.

You can learn more about MAS Freedom’s Judiciary Committee Letter Writing Campaign here.


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