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Join the TONC in Denver & St. Paul this summer at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Posted by raleighfist on August 6, 2008

Join the Troops Out Now Coalition in Denver & St. Paul this summer at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Democratic National Convention                      Republican National Convention
Denver, Colorado                                              St. Paul, Minnesota
August 24 – 28                                                 September 1 – 4
Sunday – Thursday                                           Monday – Thursday
www.recreate68.org www.marchonrnc.org

We know that real change –whether we’re talking aboutending the illegal occupation of Iraq, preventing a new war against Iran, stopping police brutality, and winning healthcare, affordable housing, food and other human needs – will only come through grass roots mobilization on the streets.
Every four years, thousands of people take to the streets outside the conventions, and this summer, the eyes of the global media will be on Denver and St. Paul. We need to be there to make sure the issues that matter to poor and working people are raised. A vast majority of people in the U.S. (and around the world) oppose the ongoing occupations of Iraq as well as Afghanistan and oppose a U.S. attack on Iran.

Everyone is being impacted by the rising cost of gasoline, while oil companies make record profits. More and more people are without healthcare, as jobs are disappearing and the foreclosure and eviction crisis continues to grow. Racist police brutality and immigrant bashing are on the rise along with ongoing sexism and homophobia. Working and poor people need to set an agenda that meets our needs, not the needs of Wall Street and corporate lobbyists.

Join us in the streets this summer to make sure our voices are heard!

Contact us at 212.633.6646 or www.troopsoutnow.org to let us know you’ll be in Denver and/or and St. Paul – look for Troops Out Now Coalition banners and signs.

Make an online donation at www.troopsoutnow.org. If you can’t join us in the streets, please consider making a donation to help with travel expenses, housing, and preparing signs, placards, and literature. TONC supports the efforts of both major national coalitions to present a unified anti-war, peoples needs message at these national events. Join with us in unity and solidarity.

For more information, see:

DNC – http://www.recreate68.org

RNC – http://www.marchonrnc.org


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