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UNC Students launch “We Love Housekeepers” campaign

Posted by raleighfist on September 12, 2008

Welcome back to school….but not on the backs of UNC Housekeepers!

UE 150 members that are housekeepers at UNC have been in a struggle all summer over their stolen overtime. Many are being forced by the administration to work weekends.

Now that students are coming back to school and moving into the dorms, it is a perfect time for us to put some pressure on the administration to create a just solution to this problem and listen to the voices of UNC housekeepers.

UE 150 and student have been petitioning parents and students as they moved into the dorms and are now petitioning students on their way to class and we need your help. It is an excellent opportunity to meet some of the rank-n-file union leaders on your campus and have some fun in the name of justice.

Student Action with Workers at UNC-Chapel Hill have launched a “We Love Housekeepers” campaign to support the housekeepers on campus who are challenging the administration about lost overtime.

For more information please call UE 150 Field Organizer Salia Warren at 773-981-3272.


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