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Right wing writhes in anger at Obama’s victory

Posted by raleighfist on November 20, 2008

By Caleb T. Maupin
Cleveland FIST

The right wing of the U.S. establishment looks at the election of Barack Obama in horror. In Barack Obama, they see a nonwhite man with a non-European name, who has spoken of “spreading the wealth around.” Not only is this man a popular national figure, but he has been elected president of the United States by an overwhelming majority.

Much of the bigotry, hatred, demagogy and outright fascistic violence associated with the right wing have arisen in response to Obama’s election.

In the media, pundits from CNN to FOX have attempted to claim that despite the election results, this is still a “center-right” country. Greg Gutfeld of FOX news ruthlessly mocked a Black reporter who was moved to tears by Obama’s election, publicly displaying his lack of empathy for what Obama’s victory means to oppressed people. Glenn Beck screamed that he “feared for the republic.”

Right-wing commentators have not let up their charge that Obama is a “socialist,” which they mean as a heavy insult.

Two assassination plots against Obama have thus far been uncovered and made public. Both of them came from white males associated with the neo-Nazi movement. (All Headline News, Nov. 7) These fascists saw the hints of progress in Obama’s election, with much white support, and were disgusted with rage.

Ali Kamara, a young Black Muslim teen, was violently beaten on election night by a crowd of white men with baseball bats on Staten Island, N.Y. This murderous mob chanted “Obama” as they ruthlessly assaulted this Black youth for no other reason than that he was the same race as the candidate these racist bigots disliked. (nbcnewyork.com, Nov. 6)

The right wing pulled out all of the stops in the last few days before the election, attempting to bait Obama as a friend of terrorists and closet socialist. The battle between the movements for change and social justice, and the right-wingers who cling to the evil establishments of the present and past, is sure to heighten. Let us long for the day that the bigots who respond to a Black man’s election as president with violence are themselves thoroughly smashed.


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