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Rally with Moncure Striking Workers, Pittsboro, Sat., Dec 20

Posted by raleighfist on December 17, 2008




Join a Faith, Labor and Community solidarity rally on Saturday, Dec. 20th at Noon at the Courthouse in Pittsboro on US 15-501.

Ø Members of International Association of Machinists Union Local W.369 (IAM) have been out on strike since July, 2008.

Ø The Company has demanded a 60 hour mandatory work week.

Ø Prohibitive increases of 300-400% in workers’ health premiums.

Ø Cuts in pension benefits

Ø An end to seniority and other union protections negotiated over the past 40 years since African American workers organized the union and got Latino and White workers to join.

Until the recent corporate buy outs of the family owned business, there were few grievances and no strikes.

Nooses have been hung outside the plant to intimidate strikers.

The company has sought to divide workers.

Moncure Plywood has been cited for health and safety violations.

The National Labor Relations Board has just cited Moncure with unfair labor practices.

We cannot let this company destroy a union and throw workers out on the street.  We must tell the Moncure management and their owners that our community will not tolerate companies that treat their workers unjustly.  Demand the company and its investment banker owners return to the bargaining table and negotiate a decent and fair contract.

Here is what you can do to bring justice to the Moncure Workers, our neighbors and friends:

v Call Moncure CEO Richard Yarborough at (360) 432-5004, and Atlas Holdings owner and investment banker Tim Fazio at (203) 622-0207.

v Send contributions to the workers who are deeply in debt, and struggle to meet mortgage payments and their electricity, water and food bills. Make  checks payable to IAM Local Lodge 369 and mail to IAM at P.O.. Box 318, Moncure NC 27559.

v Come to the Dec. 20th Rally at noon at Pittsboro’s courthouse.

v Come to the Picket Line to support to the strikers. 306 Corinth Road, Moncure, NC 27559

For more information, call Lori Hoyt at (919) 968-1888 or Miriam Thompson (919) 370-4114.

¡Sí se puede!


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