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FIST Supports UNC Students Against Anti-Immigrant Tancredo

Posted by raleighfist on April 22, 2009

tancredouncprotest-picThe student activists who confronted the meeting where racist former congressperson Tom Tancredo was invited to speak by the white supremacist student group Youth for Western Civilization were correct and no amount of obfuscation or attacks from any direction can diminish the importance of their action.

The tactics of the police who escalated the situation by using violence should be condemned.  The students have a right to protest hateful and racist language that incites violence against oppressed people.

By attacking the student demonstrators, the police illustrated once again that their job is to protect those who seek to divide all working and oppressed people.

Tom Tancredo, with his scapegoating of immigrants, racist attitude towards Muslims and Arab people and his insensitive, hateful remarks toward indigenous people should not be left free to spread his vicious beliefs anywhere.

Groups like the Youth for Western Civilization are springing up around the country in response to a changed working class.  They espouse the greatness of a western civilization built off the super exploitation of darker skinned people—the indigenous people who lived here for generations before European colonization and the African people brought here in chains.

Racist, ultra right groups are gaining more momentum to increase their numbers as the crisis of the economic system deepens.  Racists are also angered by the symbolism of the first Black president.

The young students and supporters at the University of North Carolina were being responsible, thoughtful activists by boldly protesting and attempting to hold an alternative program to what the Youth for Western Civilization was holding.

In this time of a severe crisis of the system that is reverberating around the world and greatly affecting all people, what is needed is greater solidarity between people to build a better world free of racism, sexism, homophobia and exploitation.

Ultra right, right wing and moderate groups chart either a hard or a liberal course with more of the same: more wars for profit; more destruction of the environment; more racist attacks and abuses against women.

The danger that outright white supremacist groups like the Youth for Western Civilization and individuals like Tom Tancredo represent is clear.

Where ever such beliefs turn up in the U.S., it is the duty of all radicals, revolutionaries and socially conscious people to shout them down and say loud and clear, SOLIDARITY YES, RACISM NO!  AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL!

Support the UNC students.  Stand with them and demand an investigation into the police abuses.  Demand that all the students be given amnesty from any action from school administration.  Demand that an apology be offered for the school allowing a bigot such as Tancredo space to spew his hatred.

Shut down the racists no matter where they are.

FIST – New York City, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Philadelphia     http://FISTyouth.org


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