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FIST Statement: Young People and the March for Jobs

Posted by raleighfist on September 12, 2009

Why Young People Need Jobs:

Official national unemployment rate—9.7% (14.5 million people)

Total unemployment (unemployed, underemployed and people who have not looked for work in 4 weeks)—16.8% (26 million people)

National Black unemployment rate—15.1%

National Latina/o unemployment rate—13%

Jobs lost since December 2007—7 million

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics:

The official unemployment rate for youth 16-24 years of age as of July 2009—18.5%

Black youth unemployment rate July 2009—31.2%

Latina/o youth unemployment rate July 2009—21.7%

Pittsburgh unemployment rate—8.5%

According to Pittsburgh Post Gazette, June 2007

46% of Black children in Pittsburgh live in poverty

70% of Black families earn less than $25,000/year

Black unemployment is three times the rate of white unemployment

Young people face an uncertain future in the U.S. but which has greatly increased with the current economic crisis. Many of the jobs lost will not return and a recovery that we are told is coming will be a jobless one. Many youth who are able to attend college are saddled with mounting debt in the thousands of dollars but have no promise of employment. It is expected that the official unemployment rate will stay in the double digits until 2012 or 2014.

What should you do?

Fight for a job or an income now.

Join us on September 20th in Pittsburgh, before the G20. The march will start at 2pm in the historic Hill District, in front of Monumental Baptist Church on Soho and Wylie Streets.

Fight Imperialism Stand Together


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