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Building Resistance and Alternatives to Global Capitalism: Eyewitness Reports from G20 in Pittsburgh and Venezuela

Posted by raleighfist on November 8, 2009

FIST Forums:
2 events!

Thursday, Nov 12th – 7pm @ NCSU in Park Shops room 200

Tues. Nov 17th – UNC Chapel Hill, time and place, TBA

Since the onset of the most recent crisis of capitalism that is being felt in every corner of the globe, the ruling politicians and economic ministers from the wealthiest twenty nations, known as the G20, have held meeting after meeting to discuss ways to “fix” the crisis and bring global capitalism back to “health.”  But the policies of the G20 hold no relief for the vast majority of people around the world, and have meant nothing but unemployment, shrinking wages, the loss of healthcare, privatization of national resources, homelessness, starvation and poverty for many people.
When the G20 recently held a summit in Pittsburgh, activists from around the country poured into the city to participate in a week of resistance to the policies of the G20 and the system of global capitalism as a whole. Local activists from FIST were there all week and will be talking about their experiences in the streets of Pittsburgh demonstrating against the G20 and facing intense repression from the police.
Like in the streets of Pittsburgh, people around the world are standing up to global capitalism and the policies of the G20, and building alternative models of what a just economic system and society could look like. One such example of this is being set by Venezuela, that has been embarked on a ten year long Bolivarian Revolution that is developing a socialist society in that country. We’ll hear from an activist from FIST who recently traveled to Venezuela and witnessed first hand the tremendous social changes that are taking place there, and how the socialist model that is being developed represents a liveable alternative to capitalism.
Join us for a forum to discuss what exactly is global capitalism and the G20, and to hear first hand from FIST activists who participated in demonstrations against the G20 and seen first hand in Venezuela what an alternative model to the rule of global capitalism could look like.

call 919-559-5364 for more information.


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