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Art Pope and Pope Foundation: Hands off our public education!

Posted by raleighfist on March 11, 2010

On March 8, the John W. Pope Foundation hosted a lecture by a former Bush speech writer on NC State’s campus.

Student and community activists  held a demonstration outside the speech to protest Art Pope, a wealthy right wing businessman from Raleigh, and his helping to fund and install the Resegregationist 5, the new majority on the Wake County School Board. Pope is connected and helps to fund not only the Pope Foundation, but also the Civitas Institute and the John Locke Foundation, all of which are well-funded right wing think tanks that throw their money around to push not only their reactionary political agenda but also seek to push our education system in the direction of privatization.

At the speech, several students unfurled a banner that read “John W. Pope Foundation: Hands off our public education!” as the Pope Foundation and the speaker were being introduced, and explained Pope’s connection to resegregation and privatization.

Activists distributed this leaflet posted below, as well as an email from the Wake GOP Finance Chair to new school board chair Ron Margiotta the day after the elections in which he says that “Art Pope’s plan the GOP implemented worked very well.”

Whether its dismantling the Women’s and Gender Studies department at NC State, or attempting to resegregate Wake County schools, Art Pope and his cohorts will continue to try and push their backwards agenda–unless we stand up and fight back!

Informational handout distributed at NCSU about Art Pope's connection to the resegregation of Wake County schools and privatization of education


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