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Fight the Right: Protest the Tea Party!

Posted by raleighfist on April 14, 2010

Take a stand against racism, sexism, anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant bigotry!

Thursday, April 15 at 5pm
State Capitol, Raleigh, NC
Gather at the corner of Fayetteville St and W Morgan St

On Thursday, April 15, the so-called Tea Party will be hosting “Tax Day” demonstrations across the country, including one in Raleigh at the State Capitol grounds.

This group of ultra-right wing, neo-fascist racists have tried to exploit the current economic crisis by using the most vile tactics to attack Obama, unions, immigration, healthcare, a women’s right to choose, LGBT people, and the environment. Behind their slogans of “Taking America Back” lies an agenda to bring society back to the dark days of Jim Crow. Although they try to project this as a populist, grassroots movement, they are all directly funded and controlled by the richest ultra-right organizations in the country, including Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity.

Americans for Prosperity’s director is none other than Art Pope, one of the architects and chief funders of the right-wing coup on the Wake County School Board that is trying to resegregate the schools. Pope and his cohorts–including Robert Luddy, the John Pope Foundation, and the Civitas Institute–are united around a common agenda to privatize our education and inject their poisonous politics into our schools.

Come out and take a stand against the Tea Party and their politics of division and reaction! Unite to fightback!

Initiated by NC Bail Out the People Movement and Raleigh Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST)
https://raleighfist.wordpress.com | raleighfist@gmail.com


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