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FLOC Launches JPMorgan Chase Divestment Campaign! Take Action Now!

Posted by raleighfist on September 12, 2010

FLOC Launches JPMorgan Chase Divestment Campaign!
Support Tobacco Farmworker Justice, Take Action Now!

Tell JPMorgan Chase, you won’t bank with a company that ignores tobacco farmworker exploitation.

Take Action!

Pledge to close your Chase accounts and send an e-fax to Chase

Don’t have a Chase Account? Pledge not to bank with Chase and send an e-fax

JPMorgan Chase is one of the lead banks in a consortium of lenders that provides $498 million in credit to Reynolds American, one of the largest tobacco corporations in the country. Reynolds is making billions while farmworkers continue to suffer serious human rights abuses in the tobacco fields.

Though Reynolds American does not directly employ tobacco farmworkers, it sets the terms for its contract growers which impacts conditions in the fields. Reynolds American and JPMorgan Chase have the ultimate responsibility and financial resources to ensure safe and dignified working conditions for tobacco farmworkers. FLOC has reached out to Chase for help in arranging a meeting with Reynolds, and Chase has refused to take action. Click here for more info.

Join us in closing our Chase bank accounts and credit cards and tell Chase to stop investing in exploitation! We are asking people who care about farmworker justice to close their Chase accounts, cancel their Chase credit cards, and pledge not to bank with Chase until Reynolds agrees to work with FLOC to find a solution to these abuses, or until Chase severs its financial ties with Reynolds.

Pledge to Close your bank/credit account now!

Even if you don’t currently have a Chase bank account or Chase credit card, you can support the divestment campaign by pledging not to bank with Chase or apply for a Chase credit card.

National Week of Action at Chase Bank
September 13-18, 2010

Organize in your community! Beginning Monday, September 13, FLOC supporters will be organizing actions nationwide in front of Chase branches to increase awareness about the abuses in the fields of NC and to keep building on the Chase divestment campaign. We will continue to organize events at Chase Bank branches throughout the campaign until Chase agrees to help find a solution or it severs financial ties with Reynolds American. Click here for more info and to download the Chase Organizing Toolkit.

Please donate! Help us meet our goal of 200K in 2010

Can you donate $10 a month to support farmworker organizing? It is financially impossible to cover even basic operational costs with the dues from members who work seasonally and make less than $8,000 on average per year. Generous donations from our supporters help make it possible to keep our work going strong all year round. Please consider supporting our organizing work and the Reynolds Campaign and help us raise 200K in 2010! Click here to make a one time or a recurring tax-deductible donation, and then forward this message to a friend and encourage them to donate too!

As always, we thank you for your continued support.

Hasta la Victoria!


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