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Raise your voice! March to Defend our education!

Posted by raleighfist on February 10, 2011

Raise Your Voice! March to Defend Our EDUCATION!

Friday, February 11 at UNC Chapel Hill

–>9:30am: Gather in the Pit in central part of UNC CH’s campus
–>10am: March to the Board of Governor’s meeting


**No tuition hikes!

**No cuts or layoffs!

**Full access to education for undocumented students — Defeat HB 11!

**Tax corporations and the rich!


The UNC system is facing significant budget cuts–15% for the system, which means fewer and bigger classes, layoffs of faculty and campus workers, the elimination of entire programs and departments, and they’ve even talked of closing a UNC system school altogether.

In addition to this, the Board of Governors is considering another 6.5% tuition hike (the highest they can) on top of the 23% tuition hike we faced last year. These hikes affect the entire student body throughout the entire UNC system. For many people it means foregoing their opportunity to attend college, for others it means having to take out more loans.

Last week the North Carolina Legislature introduced House Bill 11, which would ban all undocumented immigrants from attending any public university or community college. The UNC system is the second largest lobbying power in the State. They should take a strong stance against HB 11 and use this lobbying power to defeat it.

On February 11th, the Board of Governors will meet here in Chapel Hill to decide on another tuition increase and talk about budget cuts. Students for a Democratic Society is making a call to action and organizing a march on the Board of Governors. We as students must say enough is enough! We will not be burdened with the costs of this economic crisis and we will not stand by and let undocumented immigrants be treated inhumanely.

Take action! Lets march to their meeting and tell them we have a right to education!


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