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All Out for May 3: Rally for Education and all Public Services

Posted by raleighfist on May 2, 2011

ALL OUT for May 3: Rally for Education and all

Public Services

3pm: Student & Youth Rally and March, Gather at NCSU Bell Tower

4pm: NCAE’s ‘One Voice Rally‘ at the NC General Assembly (16 W Jones St)

Sign Now to Stop the Cuts to Education and Public Services in North Carolina – FULL FUNDING NOW!

STAND with teachers, educational workers, students and all public workers who will be demonstrating on May 3 at the North Carolina General Assembly for FULL FUNDING NOW!

SIGN the E-LETTER / ONLINE PETITION below to send emails to North Carolina Governor Perdue, the North Carolina Legislature, the Mayors and City Councils of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Rocky Mount, President Obama, congressional leaders, the North Carolina congressional delegation and members of the media saying FULL FUNDING FOR NORTH CAROLINA PUBLIC EDUCATION AND ALL PUBLIC SERVICES!


For the past two years, workers and community members in North Carolina have had to survive with nearly $10 billion in cuts to the state budget.  Now the NC General Assembly is dominated by right-wing and Tea Party forces, which are carrying out the national program of the banks and the corporations by dismantling the public sector and making workers and students pay for their crisis.

In mid-April, the NC House released its budget, which included more than 15,000 layoffs for state workers; more than $1 billion cuts in education, and a reduction in the corporate tax rate in NC from 6.9% to 4.9%–the third lowest in the U.S. This tax rate cut provision was first proposed by Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue.

On Tues., May 3, teachers and education workers are organizing a major rally at the NC General Assembly at 4 p.m. in Raleigh to stop the cuts to public education and to fully fund all of NC’s schools. 

In addition to the teachers and school workers, many organizations and coalitions that have been organizing to defend public sector workers are planning to be there as well. Students and young people organizing with the NC Defend Education Coalition are calling a rally on NC State University’s campus at 3 p.m. and a march through downtown to join the main demonstration at the legislature.

Thousands of teachers, workers, students, and community members from every corner of the state will be coming to Raleigh that day for this important action. May 3 will be a major day of action against the budget cuts, and there has been much discussion about different actions that may take place that day, with the bold actions of workers and students in Wisconsin, New York, and elsewhere on the forefront of peoples’ minds.

Around the country, workers’ basic right to collectively bargain is under attack by these forces; but in NC, workers still do not even have this fundamental right, made illegal by a Jim Crow era law that is still on the books, NC GS 95-98.

Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the world and a principal engine in the foreclosure crisis that is destroying communities across the U.S., has its world headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Last year, BoA made $4.4 billion in profits, but didn’t pay a dime in taxes. BoA is also sitting on trillions of dollars received from the federal government in bailouts. And these proposals from NC politicians, and elsewhere around the country, threaten to take even more from working people and forking it over to the private coffers of the banks and corporations, rather than taking this wealth, created by workers, to pay for people’s needs.

This is a clarion call to everyone who can to stand with the teachers, workers, and students in Raleigh, NC on May 3. The importance of this action, in the heart of the U.S. South, and the potential for this to open a new phase in the struggle against austerity and budget cuts in NC, cannot be stressed enough. This bold action being led by the teachers deserves the support of all progressive forces. Please help to circulate this statement and sign the petition below.

The text of  e-letter / online petition says:

TO: North Carolina Governor Perdue, the North Carolina General Assembly, and the Mayors and City Councils of Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Chapel Hill and Rocky Mount

cc: President Obama, Congressional leaders and the North Carolina Congressional delegation, and members of the media


I stand with the teachers, workers, students, and all people in North Carolina who are taking a stand on May 3 against budget cuts and the vicious attacks on education and the public sector. I stand with all those who are calling for no cuts to the public sector, and for the General Assembly to instead look for funding for jobs, education, healthcare, and all public services by taxing the rich and the corporations that do business in North Carolina. We can’t—and we won’t—take any more cuts that are devastating our education, our jobs and our communities. 

I demand the following:

* Stop the cuts to public education (K-12, community colleges, and UNC system)! Full funding for North Carolina schools!

* No job or position cuts to education or state and local services!

* Tax the corporations, banks and the rich!

* Pass the Mental Health Workers Bill of Rights law (HB287 and SB481)

* Collective bargaining rights for public workers now!

* No to privatization of public jobs and services!

* Money for public jobs and services, not war!


[your signature]

For more information: 919-604-8167  —   raleigh@fistyouth.org

For information on the May 3 One Voice rally:    OneVoiceRally.com  


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