Raleigh-Durham Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST)

Revolutionary socialist youth in the US South

Emergency Action: Don’t Take One Cent from the People!

Posted by raleighfist on July 28, 2011

Hands off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, Food Stamps, TANF, and all social services!

Tuesday, August 2, 7pm

Veterans Administration Medical Center (508 Fulton St, Durham)

By August 2, the US Congress must pass a measure to raise the federal deficit ceiling to avert a possible default of the US economy. Much like what is happening in Greece, Spain, and elsewhere around the world, Wall Street bankers and Washington politicians are using the measure as an opportunity to ram through devastating austerity measures that aim to slash trillions (yes, trillions!) of dollars from public services that millions in this country rely on to survive in order to siphon that money into the coffers of the biggest banks. Social security, Medicaid, Medicare, WIC, food stamps, education funding, and nearly every public service is in the bankers and the politicians’ crosshairs and stand to be devastated if their proposals pass.

Working people have already been forced to pay since the economic crisis began in 2007–millions have lost their jobs or are underemployed, millions have been foreclosed on and kicked out of their homes, and billions of dollars have already been wiped out of state budgets and funding for education, healthcare, and state jobs. Now, the same banks are demanding even more, and are set on taking back all the public services for which many have fought and died.
Meanwhile, the U.S. government continues to rain bombs on the people of Libya–to the tune of $2 million per bomb–and has poured hundreds of millions into the US/NATO war. Over $1 trillion has already been spent on the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan (and Congress just increased funding for the war on Afghanistan), billions in aid are sent to criminal regimes around the world every year, and trillions have been spent on bailing out the banks and corporations. As the misery of working people has gone up every year with more layoffs and no jobs in sight, the profits of corporations have also increased, with many of the largest US corporations reporting record profits as we continue to suffer.
Enough is enough! Join us on August 2 to defend all public services that we desperately need to survive, and that the banks and corporations that caused this crisis in the first place be made to pay for it!
Endorsed by: Bail Out the People Movement NC, Action NC, Raleigh Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST), Workers World Party Durham

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