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Raleigh F.I.S.T. Statement on Libya

Posted by raleighfist on August 14, 2011

Statue of Golden Fist Crushing U.S. Jet Fighter, commissioned in 1986 after Reagan administration ordered airstrikes on Libya
FIST Statement on Libya

Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) calls for an immediate end to the criminal U.S./NATO war against Libya, as well as the wars in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, and elsewhere. The war against Libya is an act of aggression, a war of plunder, aims to deprive Libyans of their right to self-determination, and is an attempt to re-colonize Africa.

The corporate media tell us that the war against Libya was necessary to “prevent a bloodbath” of Libyan rebels at the hands of “crazed dictator” Col. Moammar Gadhafi. The U.S. has employed demonization campaigns time and time again to justify the use of military force. Consider the demonization of Saddam Hussein that preceded the Iraq war, which has claimed more than one million Iraqi lives.

In the several months of the war on Libya, we have yet to see a massacre of unarmed civilians by pro-Gadhafi forces. What we have seen, however, is tremendous Western military interference in a civil war, thousands of civilian bombing casualties, and the wholesale destruction of most of Libya’s civilian and state infrastructure.

Under the leadership of Col. Gadhafi, Libya acheived the highest standard of living on the African continent by nationalizing oil and other industries. Gadhafi’s government in Libya provided material support to the African National Congress at the height of the struggle against the South African apartheid regime, and Gadhafi has been a tireless supporter of African unity and development.

While there may be reasons for the people of Libya to raise grievances with their government, it is not our role as people here in the U.S. to speculate about the conditions of society there. Rather, we must come to the aid and defense of people anywhere in the world who are under the gun of U.S. imperialism. Is there a single example of U.S. military force aiding any genuine people’s liberation struggle in the past century? History shows the opposite. The U.S. has constantly intervened militarily to suppress liberation struggles, crush democracy movements, and stifle national independence all over the world, from Korea and Viet Nam to Haiti, Grenada, and Iraq. Why would the U.S. change its tune now?

Marxism teaches us that imperialism is the stage of capitalism where finance capital dominates, monopoly corporations are the rule, and the world has been divided up between the most powerful capitalist nations. Wars like those that the U.S. is waging now on Libya, Afghanistan, and many other nations around the world are a direct result of the profit system. As the system of capitalism matured, capitalists eventually had to aggressively expand their access to markets and raw materials — often with the help of their country’s military. The literally hundreds of foreign U.S. military interventions around the globe over the past century show the active role that the war machine plays in securing a favorable global environment for capitalism.

The bombs that fall on Libya also fall on working-class communities across the U.S. Each cruise missile could pay 10 teachers for a year, yet the U.S. capitalist class recklessly pursues new wars while slashing funding for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Food Stamps. They use the wealth that all working people create through their labor to make war on nations which try to determine their own future outside of U.S. plans.

Jobs and Education, not War and Incarceration!
-Raleigh FIST

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