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All out to protest the KKK! Saturday, May 26 @ 1pm

Posted by raleighfist on May 25, 2012

Raleigh FIST is working with organizations from across NC to organize this counter-demonstration to oppose the KKK rally that is being planned for this Saturday, May 26 in Harmony NC. Please help to spread the word as far and wide as possible so we can build broad solidarity to stand against the violent racism and white supremacy espoused by the KKK, especially now during this time of severe economic crisis.


NC Against the KKK–Unity in Harmony, NC

Gather at 103 Jackson St in Yadkinville, NC to caravan to Harmony, NC

The KKK has begun holding publicized meetings throughout NC this spring, including May 8 in Eden, NC.  The next scheduled cross burning is set for tomorrow, May 26, in Harmony, NC and a coalition of groups and individuals will protest the event.

In the spirit on nonviolent, anti-racist protest, NC Against the KKK: Unity in Harmony will hold a peaceful rally against racism and hate tomorrow.  Activists have organized caravans from a meeting point in Yadkinville, NC, which will leave from 103 Jackson Street at 1 PM.

We will not allow the Klan to further divide the people of North Carolina.  Instead, we will show them we stand together against racism and bigotry.  Our peaceful demonstration will focus on bringing a diverse and multiracial group of North Carolinians together as part of the continuing struggle against racism and injustice in this state.


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